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  • another blakk frogg production
          Controversial New Golf Tournament?
    may the best 50 foot woman win!

    Augusta, GA -- Fearing that it has lost popularity due to NASCAR and Professional Wrestling playing on other channels at the same time as some of its most prestigious tournaments, the National Golfers' Association has put together a new, more interesting tournament featuring only women capable of benchpressing small buses.

    Opposers of the tournament say the new event will 'cheapen golf's wholesome image'.

    Creators of the tournament retaliated yesterday in a press release saying, "Oh yeah? Like the stupid plaid pants and silly f$#king hats didn't do that already?!?!? Oh, and shut the f$#k up or we'll have the Winner of this year's tounament come over to your house and smash your face in."

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          Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit?

    blakk frogg found the perfect bathing suit for guys!

    After weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect bathing suit, i finally found the one I wanted. Granted it does show off some of my better qualities, such as my poor taste in clothing and even worse taste in sunglasses, but I think over all the suit makes me look funky fresh and way-too-cool for skool......

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    Yeah..... You're just jealous. In fact, you just WISH that you looked as dapper in YOUR new bathing suit as Blakk Frogg does... and as good as THIS super hot beach babe does....

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    And now that I have your attention, you did not REALLY think Blakk Frogg would wear a bathing suit like that, did you? He has poor fashion sense, true, but not THAT poor! Sheesh.

          A Few Words About REAL Men?

    let's discuss what makes real men real and other men.... not real?!

    Once again Blakk Frogg would like to thank all his friends and colleagues in the World of sarcasm, bad humor and sometimes just plain gross stuff for helping him come up with new and creative ways to make the simple minded folks of this World say, "Huh? What the Hell is going on in here?!? Did he really just say that????"

    How Real Men Get Their Beer Home:

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    How Real Men Avoid Nagging in the Car:

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    How Real Men Get Firewood Home:

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    And finally...

    What Real Men Face When They Go Home After a Night of Bragging About How Real They Are to Their Friends:

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    See? Blakk Frogg takes aim at both genders to keep things.... fair and interesting. Plus it helps to keep angry hordes of Feminists off his back.

    - blakk frogg

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